Monday, April 1, 2013

Adventure Time Cookies!

A couple weeks ago it was my boyfriend's birthday. I really wanted to make him a cake, but he lives about 8 hours away during the school year and cakes don't mail very well. So, I made him cookies instead!
Adventure Time Cookies! It's one of his favourite shows, so I figured he'd enjoy them. I made them with my sugar cookie dough and then decorated with royal icing, because it would ship better than buttercream. They actually held up really well to the shipping process. 
That's what they looked like when he found them! Of course then he told me that they were way too nice... and he can't bring himself to eat them. Except for the purple one, who is his least favourite. And he also ate the few non-Adventure Time ones that I squeezed into the box.

Then my roommates and I  ate the rest...